VRFParameters are the beacon parameters for the VRF backend.

interface BeaconVRFParameters {
    alpha_hq_threshold?: longnum;
    gas_costs?: {
        [op: string]: longnum;
    interval?: longnum;
    proof_delay?: longnum;


alpha_hq_threshold?: longnum

AlphaHighQualityThreshold is the minimum number of proofs (Pi) that must be received for the next input (Alpha) to be considered high quality. If the VRF input is not high quality, runtimes will be disabled for the next epoch.

gas_costs?: {
    [op: string]: longnum;

GasCosts are the VRF proof gas costs.

Type declaration

interval?: longnum

Interval is the epoch interval (in blocks).

proof_delay?: longnum

ProofSubmissionDelay is the wait peroid in blocks after an epoch transition that nodes MUST wait before attempting to submit a VRF proof for the next epoch's elections.