Parameters are the consensus parameters.

interface ConsensusParameters {
    empty_block_interval: longnum;
    gas_costs?: {
        [op: string]: longnum;
    max_block_gas: longnum;
    max_block_size: longnum;
    max_evidence_size: longnum;
    max_tx_size: longnum;
    min_gas_price?: longnum;
    public_key_blacklist?: Uint8Array[];
    skip_timeout_commit: boolean;
    state_checkpoint_chunk_size?: longnum;
    state_checkpoint_interval: longnum;
    state_checkpoint_num_kept?: longnum;
    timeout_commit: longnum;


empty_block_interval: longnum
gas_costs?: {
    [op: string]: longnum;

GasCosts are the base transaction gas costs.

Type declaration

max_block_gas: longnum
max_block_size: longnum
max_evidence_size: longnum
max_tx_size: longnum
min_gas_price?: longnum

MinGasPrice is the minimum gas price.

public_key_blacklist?: Uint8Array[]

PublicKeyBlacklist is the network-wide public key blacklist.

skip_timeout_commit: boolean
state_checkpoint_chunk_size?: longnum

StateCheckpointChunkSize is the chunk size parameter for checkpoint creation.

state_checkpoint_interval: longnum

StateCheckpointInterval is the expected state checkpoint interval (in blocks).

state_checkpoint_num_kept?: longnum

StateCheckpointNumKept is the expected minimum number of state checkpoints to keep.

timeout_commit: longnum