Status is the current status overview.

interface ConsensusStatus {
    backend: string;
    chain_context: string;
    features: number;
    genesis_hash: Uint8Array;
    genesis_height: longnum;
    is_validator: boolean;
    last_retained_hash: Uint8Array;
    last_retained_height: longnum;
    latest_epoch: longnum;
    latest_hash: Uint8Array;
    latest_height: longnum;
    latest_state_root: StorageRoot;
    latest_time: longnum;
    p2p?: ConsensusP2PStatus;
    status: number;
    version: Version;


backend: string

Backend is the consensus backend identifier.

chain_context: string

ChainContext is the chain domain separation context.

features: number

Features are the indicated consensus backend features.

genesis_hash: Uint8Array

GenesisHash is the hash of the genesis block.

genesis_height: longnum

GenesisHeight is the height of the genesis block.

is_validator: boolean

IsValidator returns whether the current node is part of the validator set.

last_retained_hash: Uint8Array

LastRetainedHash is the hash of the oldest retained block.

last_retained_height: longnum

LastRetainedHeight is the height of the oldest retained block.

latest_epoch: longnum

LatestEpoch is the epoch of the latest block.

latest_hash: Uint8Array

LatestHash is the hash of the latest block.

latest_height: longnum

LatestHeight is the height of the latest block.

latest_state_root: StorageRoot

LatestStateRoot is the Merkle root of the consensus state tree.

latest_time: longnum

LatestTime is the timestamp of the latest block.

P2P is the P2P status of the node.

status: number

Status is an concise status of the consensus backend.

version: Version

Version is the version of the consensus protocol that the node is using.