Proposal is a consensus upgrade proposal.

interface GovernanceProposal {
    closes_at: longnum;
    content: GovernanceProposalContent;
    created_at: longnum;
    deposit: Uint8Array;
    id: longnum;
    invalid_votes?: longnum;
    results?: Map<number, Uint8Array>;
    state: number;
    submitter: Uint8Array;


closes_at: longnum

ClosesAt is the epoch at which the proposal will close and votes will be tallied.

Content is the content of the proposal.

created_at: longnum

CreatedAt is the epoch at which the proposal was created.

deposit: Uint8Array

Deposit is the deposit attached to the proposal.

ID is the unique identifier of the proposal.

invalid_votes?: longnum

InvalidVotes is the number of invalid votes after tallying.

results?: Map<number, Uint8Array>

Results are the final tallied results after the voting period has ended.

state: number

State is the state of the proposal.

submitter: Uint8Array

Submitter is the address of the proposal submitter.