Interface RegistryConsensusParameters

ConsensusParameters are the registry consensus parameters.

interface RegistryConsensusParameters {
    debug_allow_test_runtimes?: boolean;
    debug_allow_unroutable_addresses?: boolean;
    debug_deploy_immediately?: boolean;
    disable_km_runtime_registration?: boolean;
    disable_runtime_registration?: boolean;
    enable_km_churp?: boolean;
    enable_runtime_governance_models?: Map<number, boolean>;
    gas_costs?: {
        [op: string]: longnum;
    max_node_expiration?: longnum;
    max_runtime_deployments?: number;
    tee_features?: NodeTEEFeatures;


debug_allow_test_runtimes?: boolean

DebugAllowTestRuntimes is true iff test runtimes should be allowed to be registered.

debug_allow_unroutable_addresses?: boolean

DebugAllowUnroutableAddresses is true iff node registration should allow unroutable addresses.

debug_deploy_immediately?: boolean

DebugDeployImmediately is true iff runtime registrations should allow immediate deployment.

disable_km_runtime_registration?: boolean

DisableKeyManagerRuntimeRegistration is true iff key manager runtime registration should be disabled outside of the genesis block.

disable_runtime_registration?: boolean

DisableRuntimeRegistration is true iff runtime registration should be disabled outside of the genesis block.

enable_km_churp?: boolean

EnableKeyManagerCHURP is true iff the CHURP extension for the key manager is enabled.

enable_runtime_governance_models?: Map<number, boolean>

EnableRuntimeGovernanceModels is a set of enabled runtime governance models.

gas_costs?: {
    [op: string]: longnum;

GasCosts are the registry transaction gas costs.

Type declaration

max_node_expiration?: longnum

MaxNodeExpiration is the maximum number of epochs relative to the epoch at registration time that a single node registration is valid for.

max_runtime_deployments?: number

MaxRuntimeDeployments is the maximum number of runtime deployments.

tee_features?: NodeTEEFeatures

TEEFeatures contains the configuration of supported TEE features.