NodeStatus is live status of a node.

interface RegistryNodeStatus {
    election_eligible_after: longnum;
    expiration_processed: boolean;
    faults?: Map<Uint8Array, RegistryFault>;
    freeze_end_time: longnum;


election_eligible_after: longnum

ElectionEligibleAfter specifies the epoch after which a node is eligible to be included in non-validator committee elections.

Note: A value of 0 is treated unconditionally as "ineligible".

expiration_processed: boolean

ExpirationProcessed is a flag specifying whether the node expiration has already been processed.

If you want to check whether a node has expired, check the node descriptor directly instead of this flag.

faults?: Map<Uint8Array, RegistryFault>

Faults is a set of fault records for nodes that are experiencing liveness failures when participating in specific committees.

freeze_end_time: longnum

FreezeEndTime is the epoch when a frozen node can become unfrozen.

After the specified epoch passes, this flag needs to be explicitly cleared (set to zero) in order for the node to become unfrozen.