Interface RegistryTxnSchedulerParameters

TxnSchedulerParameters are parameters for the runtime transaction scheduler.

interface RegistryTxnSchedulerParameters {
    batch_flush_timeout?: longnum;
    max_batch_size?: longnum;
    max_batch_size_bytes?: longnum;
    max_in_messages?: number;
    propose_batch_timeout?: longnum;


batch_flush_timeout?: longnum

BatchFlushTimeout denotes, if using the "simple" algorithm, how long to wait for a scheduled batch.

max_batch_size?: longnum

MaxBatchSize denotes what is the max size of a scheduled batch.

max_batch_size_bytes?: longnum

MaxBatchSizeBytes denote what is the max size of a scheduled batch in bytes.

max_in_messages?: number

MaxInMessages specifies the maximum size of the incoming message queue.

propose_batch_timeout?: longnum

ProposerTimeout denotes how long to wait before accepting proposal from the next backup scheduler.