Interface RootHashComputeResultsHeader

ComputeResultsHeader is the header of a computed batch output by a runtime. This header is a compressed representation (e.g., hashes instead of full content) of the actual results.

These headers are signed by RAK inside the runtime and included in executor commitments.

Keep the roothash RAK validation in sync with changes to this structure.

interface RootHashComputeResultsHeader {
    in_msgs_count?: number;
    in_msgs_hash?: Uint8Array;
    io_root?: Uint8Array;
    messages_hash?: Uint8Array;
    previous_hash: Uint8Array;
    round: longnum;
    state_root?: Uint8Array;


in_msgs_count?: number

InMessagesCount is the number of processed incoming messages.

in_msgs_hash?: Uint8Array

InMessagesHash is hash of processed incoming messages.

io_root?: Uint8Array

IORoot is the I/O merkle root.

messages_hash?: Uint8Array

MessagesHash is the hash of messages sent from this batch.

previous_hash: Uint8Array

PreviousHash is the hash of the previous block header this batch was computed against.

round: longnum

Round is the round number.

state_root?: Uint8Array

StateRoot is the root hash of the state after computing this batch.