Interface RootHashConsensusParameters

ConsensusParameters are the roothash consensus parameters.

interface RootHashConsensusParameters {
    debug_bypass_stake?: boolean;
    debug_do_not_suspend_runtimes?: boolean;
    gas_costs?: {
        [op: string]: longnum;
    max_evidence_age: longnum;
    max_in_runtime_messages: number;
    max_past_roots_stored?: longnum;
    max_runtime_messages: number;


debug_bypass_stake?: boolean

DebugBypassStake is true iff the roothash should bypass all of the staking related checks and operations.

debug_do_not_suspend_runtimes?: boolean

DebugDoNotSuspendRuntimes is true iff runtimes should not be suspended for lack of paying maintenance fees.

gas_costs?: {
    [op: string]: longnum;

GasCosts are the roothash transaction gas costs.

Type declaration

max_evidence_age: longnum

MaxEvidenceAge is the maximum age of submitted evidence in the number of rounds.

max_in_runtime_messages: number

MaxInRuntimeMessages is the maximum number of allowed incoming messages that can be queued.

max_past_roots_stored?: longnum

MaxPastRootsStored is the maximum number of past runtime state and I/O roots that are stored in the consensus state.

max_runtime_messages: number

MaxRuntimeMessages is the maximum number of allowed messages that can be emitted by a runtime in a single round.