Header is a block header.

Keep this in sync with /runtime/src/consensus/roothash/block.rs.

interface RootHashHeader {
    header_type: number;
    in_msgs_hash: Uint8Array;
    io_root: Uint8Array;
    messages_hash: Uint8Array;
    namespace: Uint8Array;
    previous_hash: Uint8Array;
    round: longnum;
    state_root: Uint8Array;
    timestamp: longnum;
    version: number;


header_type: number

HeaderType is the header type.

in_msgs_hash: Uint8Array

InMessagesHash is the hash of processed incoming messages.

io_root: Uint8Array

IORoot is the I/O merkle root.

messages_hash: Uint8Array

MessagesHash is the hash of emitted runtime messages.

namespace: Uint8Array

Namespace is the header's chain namespace.

previous_hash: Uint8Array

PreviousHash is the previous block hash.

round: longnum

Round is the block round.

state_root: Uint8Array

StateRoot is the state merkle root.

timestamp: longnum

Timestamp is the block timestamp (POSIX time).

version: number

Version is the protocol version number.