QuotePolicy is the quote validity policy.

interface SGXIasQuotePolicy {
    allowed_quote_statuses?: number[];
    disabled?: boolean;
    gid_blacklist?: number[];
    min_tcb_evaluation_data_number?: number;


allowed_quote_statuses?: number[]

AllowedQuoteStatuses are the allowed quote statuses.

Note: QuoteOK and QuoteSwHardeningNeeded are ALWAYS allowed, and do not need to be specified.

disabled?: boolean

Disabled specifies whether IAS quotes are disabled and will always be rejected.

gid_blacklist?: number[]

GIDBlackList is a list of blocked platform EPID group IDs.

min_tcb_evaluation_data_number?: number

MinTCBEvaluationDataNumber is the minimum acceptable TCB Evaluation Data number, as used in the attestation verification report structure.