QuotePolicy is the quote validity policy.

interface SGXPcsQuotePolicy {
    disabled?: boolean;
    fmspc_blacklist?: string[];
    min_tcb_evaluation_data_number: number;
    tcb_validity_period: number;


disabled?: boolean

Disabled specifies whether PCS quotes are disabled and will always be rejected.

fmspc_blacklist?: string[]

FMSPCBlacklist is a list of hexadecimal encoded FMSPCs specifying which processor packages and platform instances are blocked.

min_tcb_evaluation_data_number: number

MinTCBEvaluationDataNumber is the minimum TCB evaluation data number that is considered to be valid. TCB bundles containing smaller values will be invalid.

tcb_validity_period: number

TCBValidityPeriod is the validity (in days) of the TCB collateral.