Interface SchedulerConsensusParameters

ConsensusParameters are the scheduler consensus parameters.

interface SchedulerConsensusParameters {
    debug_allow_weak_alpha?: boolean;
    debug_bypass_stake?: boolean;
    debug_force_elect?: Map<Uint8Array, Map<Uint8Array, SchedulerForceElectCommitteeRole>>;
    max_validators: number;
    max_validators_per_entity: number;
    min_validators: number;
    reward_factor_epoch_election_any: Uint8Array;
    voting_power_distribution?: number;


debug_allow_weak_alpha?: boolean

DebugAllowWeakAlpha allows VRF based elections based on proofs generated by an alpha value considered weak.

debug_bypass_stake?: boolean

DebugBypassStake is true iff the scheduler should bypass all of the staking related checks and operations.

debug_force_elect?: Map<Uint8Array, Map<Uint8Array, SchedulerForceElectCommitteeRole>>

DebugForceElect is the map of nodes that will always be elected to a given role for a runtime.

max_validators: number

MaxValidators is the maximum number of validators that MAY be present in elected validator sets.

max_validators_per_entity: number

MaxValidatorsPerEntity is the maximum number of validators that may be elected per entity in a single validator set.

min_validators: number

MinValidators is the minimum number of validators that MUST be present in elected validator sets.

reward_factor_epoch_election_any: Uint8Array

RewardFactorEpochElectionAny is the factor for a reward distributed per epoch to entities that have any node considered in any election.

voting_power_distribution?: number

VotingPowerDistribution is the voting power distribution.