Interface StakingDebondingStartEscrowEvent

DebondingStartEscrowEvent is the event emitted when the debonding process has started and the given number of active shares have been moved into the debonding pool and started debonding.

Note that the given amount is valid at the time of debonding start and may not correspond to the final debonded amount in case any escrowed stake is subject to slashing.

interface StakingDebondingStartEscrowEvent {
    active_shares: Uint8Array;
    amount: Uint8Array;
    debond_end_time: longnum;
    debonding_shares: Uint8Array;
    escrow: Uint8Array;
    owner: Uint8Array;


active_shares: Uint8Array
amount: Uint8Array
debond_end_time: longnum
debonding_shares: Uint8Array
escrow: Uint8Array
owner: Uint8Array