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Oasis Core runtime SDK.


To create a minimal runtime that doesn’t expose any APIs to the outside world, you need to call the start_runtime function:

oasis_core_runtime::start_runtime(Some(Box::new(reg)), config);

This will start the required services needed to communicate with the worker host.


  • pub use self::enclave_rpc::demux::Demux as RpcDemux;
  • pub use self::enclave_rpc::dispatcher::Dispatcher as RpcDispatcher;
  • pub use self::init::start_runtime;
  • pub use self::protocol::Protocol;
  • pub use self::transaction::dispatcher::Dispatcher as TxnDispatcher;
  • pub use cbor;


  • In-memory cache of trees.
  • Common types.
  • Runtime configuration.
  • Consensus service interfaces.
  • Runtime call dispatcher.
  • Secure inter-enclave RPC.
  • Helper functions to use with the asynchronous Tokio runtime.
  • Host interface.
  • Runtime attestation key handling.
  • Runtime initialization.
  • Consensus SGX and quote policy handling.
  • Runtime side of the worker-host protocol.
  • Runtime OFf-chain Logic (ROFL).
  • Runtime storage interfaces and implementations.
  • Runtime transaction processing.
  • Types used by the worker-host protocol.