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Oasis runtime SDK.


pub use crate::context::BatchContext;
pub use crate::context::Context;
pub use crate::context::TxContext;
pub use crate::module::Module;
pub use crate::runtime::Runtime;
pub use oasis_core_runtime as core;
pub use cbor;


Handling of different call formats.

Configuration types.

Execution context.


Transaction dispatcher.

Error types for runtimes.

Event types for runtimes.

Keymanager interface.

Runtime modules.

Runtime modules included with the SDK.


Types related to schedule control.


Module which contains utilities useful for testing and development.

Types defined by the SDK.


Constructs an oasis_sdk::core::common::version::Version from the Cargo.toml version.


A protocol or runtime version.

Attribute Macros

A helper attribute for #[sdk_derive(...)]. It doesn’t do anyting on its own; it only mark functions that represent a paratime method handler. The permitted forms are:

Derives traits from a non-trait impl block (rather than from a struct).

Derive Macros

Derives the Error trait on an enum.

Derives the Event trait on an enum.