pub trait OpenCommitment {
    // Required methods
    fn mostly_equal(&self, other: &Self) -> bool
       where Self: Sized;
    fn is_indicating_failure(&self) -> bool;
    fn to_vote(&self) -> Hash;
    fn to_dd_result(&self) -> &dyn Any;
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Verified roothash commitment.

Required Methods§


fn mostly_equal(&self, other: &Self) -> bool
where Self: Sized,

Returns true if the commitment is mostly equal to another specified commitment as per discrepancy detection criteria.

The caller MUST guarantee that the passed commitment is of the same type.


fn is_indicating_failure(&self) -> bool

Returns true if this commitment indicates a failure.


fn to_vote(&self) -> Hash

Returns a hash that represents a vote for this commitment as per discrepancy resolution criteria.


fn to_dd_result(&self) -> &dyn Any

Returns a commitment-specific result after discrepancy detection.