Interface StakingConsensusParameters

ConsensusParameters are the staking consensus parameters.

interface StakingConsensusParameters {
    allow_escrow_messages?: boolean;
    commission_schedule_rules?: StakingCommissionScheduleRules;
    debonding_interval?: longnum;
    debug_bypass_stake?: boolean;
    disable_delegation?: boolean;
    disable_transfers?: boolean;
    fee_split_weight_next_propose: Uint8Array;
    fee_split_weight_propose: Uint8Array;
    fee_split_weight_vote: Uint8Array;
    gas_costs?: {
        [op: string]: longnum;
    max_allowances?: number;
    min_delegation: Uint8Array;
    min_transact_balance: Uint8Array;
    min_transfer: Uint8Array;
    reward_factor_block_proposed: Uint8Array;
    reward_factor_epoch_signed: Uint8Array;
    reward_schedule?: StakingRewardStep[];
    signing_reward_threshold_denominator?: longnum;
    signing_reward_threshold_numerator?: longnum;
    slashing?: Map<number, StakingSlash>;
    thresholds?: Map<number, Uint8Array>;
    token_symbol?: string;
    token_value_exponent?: number;
    undisable_transfers_from?: Map<Uint8Array, boolean>;


allow_escrow_messages?: boolean

AllowEscrowMessages can be used to allow runtimes to perform AddEscrow and ReclaimEscrow via runtime messages.

commission_schedule_rules?: StakingCommissionScheduleRules
debonding_interval?: longnum
debug_bypass_stake?: boolean

DebugBypassStake is true iff all of the staking-related checks and operations should be bypassed.

disable_delegation?: boolean
disable_transfers?: boolean
fee_split_weight_next_propose: Uint8Array

FeeSplitWeightNextPropose is the proportion of block fee portions that go to the next block's proposer.

fee_split_weight_propose: Uint8Array

FeeSplitWeightPropose is the proportion of block fee portions that go to the proposer.

fee_split_weight_vote: Uint8Array

FeeSplitWeightVote is the proportion of block fee portions that go to the validator that votes.

gas_costs?: {
    [op: string]: longnum;

Type declaration

max_allowances?: number

MaxAllowances is the maximum number of allowances an account can have. Zero means disabled.

min_delegation: Uint8Array
min_transact_balance: Uint8Array
min_transfer: Uint8Array
reward_factor_block_proposed: Uint8Array

RewardFactorBlockProposed is the factor for a reward distributed per block to the entity that proposed the block.

reward_factor_epoch_signed: Uint8Array

RewardFactorEpochSigned is the factor for a reward distributed per epoch to entities that have signed at least a threshold fraction of the blocks.

reward_schedule?: StakingRewardStep[]
signing_reward_threshold_denominator?: longnum
signing_reward_threshold_numerator?: longnum
slashing?: Map<number, StakingSlash>
thresholds?: Map<number, Uint8Array>
token_symbol?: string

TokenSymbol is the token's ticker symbol. Only upper case A-Z characters are allowed.

token_value_exponent?: number

TokenValueExponent is the token's value base-10 exponent, i.e. 1 token = 10**TokenValueExponent base units.

undisable_transfers_from?: Map<Uint8Array, boolean>