Status is the common runtime worker status.

interface WorkerCommonStatus {
    active_version: Version;
    executor_roles: Uint8Array;
    host: WorkerCommonHostStatus;
    latest_height: longnum;
    latest_round: longnum;
    liveness?: WorkerCommonLivenessStatus;
    peers: string[];
    scheduler_rank: longnum;
    status: number;


active_version: Version

ActiveVersion is the currently active version.

executor_roles: Uint8Array

ExecutorRoles are the node's roles in the executor committee.

Host is the runtime host status.

latest_height: longnum

LatestHeight is the consensus layer height containing the runtime block for the latest round.

latest_round: longnum

LatestRound is the latest runtime round as seen by the committee node.

Liveness is the node's liveness status for the current epoch.

peers: string[]

Peers is the list of peers in the runtime P2P network.

scheduler_rank: longnum

SchedulerRank is the position (index) of the node in the committee's scheduling order for the next round.

status: number

Status is a concise status of the committee node.