Interface WorkerKeyManagerStatus

Status is the key manager worker status.

interface WorkerKeyManagerStatus {
    access_list: WorkerKeyManagerRuntimeAccessList[];
    active_version: Version;
    churp: WorkerKeyManagerChurpStatus;
    client_runtimes: Uint8Array[];
    runtime_id: Uint8Array;
    secrets: WorkerKeyManagerSecretsStatus;
    status: number;


AccessList is per-runtime list of peers that are allowed to call protected methods.

active_version: Version

ActiveVersion is the currently active version.

Churp is the CHURP status.

client_runtimes: Uint8Array[]

ClientRuntimes is a list of compute runtimes that use this key manager.

runtime_id: Uint8Array

RuntimeID is the runtime ID of the key manager.

Secrets is the master and ephemeral secrets status.

status: number

Status is a concise status of the key manager worker.