Document is a genesis document.

interface GenesisDocument {
    beacon: BeaconGenesis;
    chain_id: string;
    consensus: ConsensusGenesis;
    extra_data: {
        [key: string]: Uint8Array;
    genesis_time: longnum;
    governance: GovernanceGenesis;
    height: longnum;
    keymanager: KeyManagerSecretsGenesis;
    registry: RegistryGenesis;
    roothash: RootHashGenesis;
    scheduler: SchedulerGenesis;
    staking: StakingGenesis;
    vault?: VaultGenesis;


Beacon is the beacon genesis state.

chain_id: string

ChainID is the ID of the chain.

consensus: ConsensusGenesis

Consensus is the consensus genesis state.

extra_data: {
    [key: string]: Uint8Array;

Extra data is arbitrary extra data that is part of the genesis block but is otherwise ignored by the protocol.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: Uint8Array
genesis_time: longnum

Time is the time the genesis block was constructed.

governance: GovernanceGenesis

Governance is the governance genesis state.

height: longnum

Height is the block height at which the document was generated.

KeyManager is the key manager genesis state.

registry: RegistryGenesis

Registry is the registry genesis state.

roothash: RootHashGenesis

RootHash is the roothash genesis state.

scheduler: SchedulerGenesis

Scheduler is the scheduler genesis state.

Staking is the staking genesis state.

vault?: VaultGenesis

Vault is the optional vault genesis state.