RuntimeState is the per-runtime state.

interface RootHashRuntimeState {
    commitment_pool?: RootHashPool;
    committee?: SchedulerCommittee;
    genesis_block: RootHashBlock;
    last_block: RootHashBlock;
    last_block_height: longnum;
    last_normal_height: longnum;
    last_normal_round: longnum;
    liveness_stats?: RootHashLivenessStatistics;
    runtime: RegistryRuntime;
    suspended?: boolean;
    timeout?: longnum;


commitment_pool?: RootHashPool

CommitmentPool collects the executor commitments.

committee?: SchedulerCommittee

Committee is the committee the executor pool is collecting commitments for.

genesis_block: RootHashBlock

GenesisBlock is the runtime's first block.

last_block: RootHashBlock

LastBlock is the runtime's most recently generated block.

last_block_height: longnum

LastBlockHeight is the height at which the runtime's most recent block was generated.

last_normal_height: longnum

LastNormalHeight is the consensus block height corresponding to LastNormalRound.

last_normal_round: longnum

LastNormalRound is the runtime round which was normally processed by the runtime. This is also the round that contains the message results for the last processed runtime messages.

LivenessStatistics contains the liveness statistics for the current epoch.

Runtime is the latest per-epoch runtime descriptor.

suspended?: boolean

Suspended is a flag indicating whether the runtime is currently suspended.

timeout?: longnum

NextTimeout is the time at which the round is scheduled for forced finalization.