Status is the current status overview.

interface ControlStatus {
    consensus?: ConsensusStatus;
    debug?: ControlDebugStatus;
    identity: ControlIdentityStatus;
    keymanager?: WorkerKeyManagerStatus;
    light_client?: ConsensusLightClientStatus;
    mode: string;
    p2p?: P2PStatus;
    pending_upgrades?: UpgradePendingUpgrade[];
    registration?: ControlRegistrationStatus;
    runtimes?: Map<Uint8Array, ControlRuntimeStatus>;
    seed?: ControlSeedStatus;
    software_version: string;


consensus?: ConsensusStatus

Consensus is the status overview of the consensus layer.

Debug is the oasis-node debug status.

Identity is the identity of the node.

Keymanager is the node's key manager worker status if the node is a key manager node.

LightClient is the status overview of the light client service.

mode: string

Mode is the node mode.

p2p?: P2PStatus

P2P is the P2P status of the node.

pending_upgrades?: UpgradePendingUpgrade[]

PendingUpgrades are the node's pending upgrades.

Registration is the node's registration status.

runtimes?: Map<Uint8Array, ControlRuntimeStatus>

Runtimes is the status overview for each runtime supported by the node.

Seed is the seed node status if the node is a seed node.

software_version: string

SoftwareVersion is the oasis-node software version.